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Victory Lectureships

lectureshipEach year during the last full week in October, WVSOP conducts a special and public lectureship. This year, October 28 – November 1, our theme will be Christianity Vs Religions and Philosophies of Men. On of our keynote speakers this year will be Jackie M. Stearsman who will speak Monday evening at 7:30 on The Battle for the Minds of Men; on Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM on The One True Church; and on Wednesday morning at 9:00 on Pragmatism/Hedonism. Our second keynote speaker on Wednesday evening at 7:30 will be Garry K. Brantley who will speak on Jesus, is THE Messiah; On Thursday evening Winford Clairborne will speak at 7:30 on Militant Christianity; on Friday morning at 10:00 on New Age I; on Friday afternoon at 2:00 on New Age II; and on Friday evening at 7:30 on Jesus the Hope of the World . Each year a book of the lectures is produced for the reading public. Ads for lectureship books now in print can be found in each issue of Publishing Peace.

Archived Victory Lectures

1996 Victory Lectures


Theme: Christianity vs Religions and Philosophies of Men


  Date     Speaker
  Monday October 28 Jesus, The Light of the World Audio Tim Hatfield
    The Battle for the Minds of Men Audio Jackie M. Stearsman
  Tuesday October 29 Feminism Audio Dr. Charles Aebi
    Islam: Origin and Major Divisions Audio Garry K. Brantley
    Liberalism, 100 Years Ago & Today Audio Emanuel B. Daugherty
    Complete in Christ Audio Roger Rush
    World Christians or Worldly Christians? Taking Christ Into All the World Audio Bruce Daugherty
    HUMANISM - Man's Wisdom vs  God's Wisdom Audio Douglas A, Petty
    Jesus, The Way Audio Matthew R. Thomas
    The One True Church Audio Jackie M. Stearsman
  Wednesday October 30 Pragmatism and Hedonism Audio Jackie M. Stearsman
    Islam and Christianity: Points of Tension Audio Garry K. Brantley
    The All Sufficiency of the Bible Audio Frank Higginbotham
    Attitude Toward Those in Error Audio Burt Jones
    Hinduism Audio Randall F. Matheny
    Calvinism Audio Steve Higginbotham
    Jesus: The Truth Audio Justin Odom
    Jesus is THE Messiah Audio Garry K. Brantley
  Thursday October 31 Theological Existentialism Audio D. Gene West
    The IInfluence of Eastern Religions Audio Randall F. Matheny
    The Greatness of Christianity Audio Charles C. Pugh, III
    Rationality of the Christian Faith Audio David P. Stevens
    End of Century Millennium Mania Audio W. Terry Varner
    Christianity vs Religions and Philosophies of Men: Evolution/Atheism Audio Glenn Hawkins
    Jesus, The Life Audio Pete Allinder
    Militant Christianity Audio Winfred Claiborne
  Friday November 1 Denominationalism Audio Denver E. Cooper
    New Age Movement I Audio Winford Claiborne
    Authority in Religion Audio Steve Stevens
    Christianity, The One True Religion Audio Dean Miller
    New Age Movement II Audio Winford Claiborne
    Relevance of the Cross Audio Skip Andrews
    Jesus, The Great I AM Audio Paul Hoover
    Jesus the Hope of the World Audio Winfred Claiborne
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