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Victory Lectureships

lectureship WVSOP conducts a special and public lectureship. This year, October 29 – November 1, our theme will be The Book of Mark . Our keynote speakers this year will be W. Claude Gardner who will speak Monday evening at 7:00 on The Baptism of Jesus; on Tuesday morning on Prepatory Work of John the Baptist; and again on Wednesday on The Execution of John the Baptist. A second keynote speaker this year will be Owen Olbricht who will lecture on Wednesday morning on Introduction, Source Criticism, Q, Date, Order, Wednesday evening at 7:00 on The Crucifixion and Burial and lastly on Thursday evening at 7:00 lecturing on The Resurrection of Christ. Each year a book of the lectures is produced for the reading public. Ads for lectureship books now in print can be found in each issue of Publishing Peace.



Archived Victory Lectures

2001 Victory Lectures


Theme: The Book of Mark


  Date     Speaker
  Monday October 29 Overview of the Book of Mark Audio Dan Kessinger
    Popularity of Jesus Audio Emanuel B. Daugherty
    Other Disciples Audio Robert Johnson
    Parable of the Sower Audio Doug Minton
    The Widows Two Mites Audio E. Claude Gardner
    Growth in the Kingdom Audio Bob Winton
    The Withered Fig Tree Audio Brent Gallagher
    The Baptism of Jesus Audio E. Claude Gardner
  Tuesday October 30 Jesus and the Sabbath Audio Glen Hawkins
    Preparatory Work of John the Baptist Audio E. Claude Gardner
    Demon Possession Audio Bruce Daugherty
    Rejection of the Carpenter Audio Michael Barclay
    The Olivet Discourse in Mark Audio Frank Higginbotham
    Jesus Came Preaching Audio Terry Jones
    Inheriting Eternal Life Audio Matt Thomas
    Gethsemane to the Cross Audio Neal Pollard
  Wednesday October 31 New Wine in Old Wineskins Audio Dr. Charles Aebi
    Introduction, Source Criticism, Q, Date, Order Audio Owen Olbricht
    The Alabaster Box Audio Albert Farley
    Humility & Service of Jesus Audio Bob Eddy
    The Execution of John the Baptist Audio E. Claude Gardner
    Miracles of Jesus in Mark Audio Louis Rushmore
    Jesus' Transfiguration Audio J.D. Conley
    Crucifixion and Burial Audio Owen Olbricht
  Thursday November 1 Is Mark 16:9-20 Fraudulent or Genuine? Audio W. Terry Varner
    Great Commission Baptism Audio D. Gene West
    Confirming the Word with Signs Following Audio Charles C. Pugh III
    Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit Audio David Stevens
    Marriage and Divorce in Mark Audio Owen Olbricht
    Traditions of Men vs The Word of God Audio Denver Cooper
    The Passover and the Lord's Supper Audio Alan Cole
    The Resurrection of Christ Audio Owen Olbricht
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