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Victory Lectureships

lectureshipEach year during the last full week in October, WVSOP conducts a special and public lectureship. This year, October 27 – 30, our theme will be The King and His Kingdom in Matthew. Our keynote speakers this year will be Roy H. Lanier, Jr. who will speak Sunday morning at 10:45 AM on Introduction to First Corinthians (1 Cor. 1:1-9); on Sunday evening at 6:30 PM on The Resurrection and Evidence (15:1-11); on Monday evening at 7:00 on The Resurrection and Emptiness (15:12-19). A second keynote speaker this year will be Gary Hampton who will lecture on Tuesday evening at 7:00 on The Resurrection and End-Time (15:20-28); Wednesday afternoon at 1:15 on In View of Present Distress (7:17-38); Thursday at 11:00 AM on Hating Sin--Loving Sinners (6:9-11). Other speakers include Denver E. Cooper on Wednesday evening at 7:00 addressing The Resurrection and Evil Company (15:29-34), and brother Frank Higginbotham on Thursday evening at 7:00 lecturing on The Resurrection and Expectation (15:35-58). Each year a book of the lectures is produced for the reading public. Ads for lectureship books now in print can be found in each issue of Publishing Peace.

Archived Victory Lectures

2003 Victory Lectures


The King and His Kingdom in Matthew


  Date     Speaker
  Sunday October 27 Bible Class Audio Roy H. Lanier, Jr.
    Morning Worship - Finding the Corinthian Church Audio Roy H. Lanier, Jr.
    Evening Worship -  Jesus, Humilitaion and Abuse Audio Roy H. Lanier, Jr.
  Monday October 28 Historical Review of the King and His Kingdom in Matthiew Audio Louis Rushmore
    The Parable of the Soils Audio Jason E. Ridgeway
    Birth of the King Audio Emanuel B. Daugherty
    John, The Harbinger of the King Audio Dan Kessinger
    Judgements of the King Audio Alan C. Cole
    Temptations of the King Audio Eddie Cooper
    Jesus' Trials Audio Roy H. Lanier, Jr.
  Tuesday October 29 Miracles in Matthew 8-9 Audio W. Terry Varner
    The Mustard Seed & Leaven Audio Justin R. Odom
    Names of the King in the Gospel of Matthew Audio Charles C. Pugh III
    Kingdom Attitudes Audio Frank Higginbotham
    The Golden Rule - Unavailable   Steve Higginbotham
    Kingdom Divided - Unavailable   Glenn E. Hawkins
    Jesus: Death Audio Roy H. Lanier, Jr.
  Wednesday October 30 Transfiguration of the King Audio Greg Tidwell
    The Parable of the Tares Audio Wesley Simons
    Announcement of the Kingdom Audio Bruce Daugherty
    The Kings Triumphant Entry Audio Dennis Curd
    Judging Audio Frank Higginbotham
    Invitation of King Audio Terry Jones
    Resurrection Audio Dennis Curd
  Thursday October 31 Offenses in the Kingdom Audio Wesley Simons
    The Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen Audio D. Gene West
    Opponents of the King Audio John F. Board
    Worship Ethics Audio Steve Higginbotham
    Marriage-Divorce and Remarriage Audio Wesley Simons
    Sabbath Conflicts of the King Audio Dr. Charles J. Aebi
    Marching Orders of the King Audio Denver E. Cooper
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