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Victory Lectureships

lectureshipEach year during the last full week in October, WVSOP conducts a special and public lectureship. This year, October 23 – 27, our theme will be Christian Evidences . Our keynote speaker this year will be Brad Harrub who will speak Sunday morning at 10:45 AM on What Are Christian Evidences; on Sunday evening at 6:30 PM on The Age of the Earth; on Monday afternoon at 3:00 on Genesis Account of Creation and Monday evening at 7:00 on The Indestructibility of the Bible; and on afternoon at 3:00 on Answering Evolution and again on Tuesday evening at 7:00 on Pluralizm. Other speakers include Denver E. Cooper on Wednesday evening at 7:00 addressing The Inexhaustibility of God's Word, and brother Frank Higginbotham on Thursday evening at 7:00 lecturing on The Greatness of the Christian Faith . Each year a book of the lectures is produced for the reading public. Ads for lectureship books now in print can be found in each issue of Publishing Peace.


Archived Victory Lectures

2005 Victory Lectures


Christian Evidences



  Date     Speaker
   Sunday October 23 What Are Christian Evidences? Audio Brad Harrub
    The Age of the Earth Audio Brad Harrub
  Monday October 24 Textual Study of Psalm 19 Audio J.D. Conley
    The Casual Argument Proves God Exists Audio Edward Benesh
    The Failure of Unbelief Audio Charles C. Pugh III
    The Reliability of the New Testament Texts Audio John M. Brown
    Jesus - The Incomparable Teacher Audio Bruce Daugherty
    Genesis Account of Creation Audio Brad Harrub
    The Indestructibility of the Bible Audio Brad Harrub
  Tuesday October 25 Textual Study of Romans 1:18-25 Audio Richard Kelley
    The Moral Argument Proves God Exists Audio Michael E. Phillips
    The Unity of the Bible Audio Dan Kessinger
    Alleged Contradictions Audio Dr. Charles J. Aebi
    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? Audio W. Terry Varner
    Answering Evolution Audio Brad Harrub
    Pluralism Audio Brad Harrub
  Wednesday October 26 Textual Study of Acts 17:16-31 Audio Terry G. Jones
    The Design Argument Audio John F.  Board
    How to Prove the Bible is God's Word Audio Kriss Cecil-Crihfield
    The Miracles of Jesus Audio Eddie Cooper
    Archaeology Confirms Deity Audio Louis Rushmore
    The Bible's Scientific Accuracy Audio David Everson
    The Inexhaustibility of God's Word Audio Denver Cooper
  Thursday October 27 Textual Study of 2 Peter 1:16-21 Audio Keith G. Ball
    Answering Atheism's Argument Audio Glenn E. Hawkins
    Messianic Prophecy Proves Deity Audio D. Gene West
    Will Jesus Find Faith on Earth? Audio Wash McCall
    The Virgin Birth Audio Emanuel B. Daugherty
    The Christological Argument Proves God Exists Audio Steve Stevens
    The Greatness of the Christian Faith Audio Frank Higginbotham
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