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Victory Lectureships

lectureshipEach year during the last full week in October, WVSOP conducts a special and public lectureship. This year, October 21 – 25, our theme will be Ephesians: The Glorious Church of the Glorious Christ . Our keynote speakers this year will be Winford Claiborne who will speak Sunday morning at 10:45 AM on Children Obey Your Parents ; on Sunday evening at 6:30 PM on The Establishment of the Church ; on Monday evening at 7:00 on The Spirits Plan for Salvation; on Tuesday evening at 7:00 on The Glorious Head of the Church; Wednesday morning at 9:00 on Ephesus - The Model Church. Other speakers include Denver E. Cooper on Wednesday evening at 7:00 addressing The Church Christ Loves, and brother Frank Higginbotham on Thursday evening at 7:00 lecturing on A Christian Household . Each year a book of the lectures is produced for the reading public. Ads for lectureship books now in print can be found in each issue of Publishing Peace.


Archived Victory Lectures

2007 Victory Lectures


Ephesians: The Glorious Church of the Glorious Christ


  Date     Speaker
  Sunday October 21 Don't Worry Audio Winford Claiborne
    Children Obey Your Parents Audio Winford Claiborne
    The Establishment of the Church Audio Winford Claiborne
  Monday October 22 Overview of Ephesians Audio Bruce Daugherty
    Alive in Christ Audio Steve Stevens
    The Ephesians Before and After Audio W. Terry Varner
    The Church Purposed, Promised, and Prophesied Audio Randy Cook
    Fullness of Time Audio Emanuel Daugherty
    Dead in Sin Audio Jeremy Main
    The Spirits Plan for Unity Audio Winford Claiborne
  Tuesday October 23 The History of the Church at Ephesus Audio Dr. Charles Aebi
    The Revelation of the Mystery Audio Hal Smith
    Paul's Prayer for the Family of God Audio Charles Pugh III
    Equipping the Saints Audio Terry Jones
    God's Music in Worship Audio David Stevens
    When I See the Blood Audio Dan Kessinger
    The Glorious Head of the Church Audio Winford Claiborne
  Wednesday October 24 Ephesus - the Model Church Audio Windford Claiborne
    Reedeeming the Time Audio Glen Hawkins
    Blessings in Christ Audio D. Gene West
    Ambassadors of Christ Audio Sam Bartrug
    Disposition for Unity Audio Gene Carrell
    Walking in Love Audio Tim Hatfield
    The Church Christ Loves Audio Denver Cooper
  Thursday October 25 Paul an Apostle Audio Hal Smith
    The Whole Armor of God Audio J.D. Conley
    The Old Man and New Man Audio Eddie Cooper
    Awake, O Sleeper Audio Will Montgomery
    The Ephesians Benediction Audio Andy Robison
    Tychicus - A Beloved Brother Audio Ed Melott
    A Christian Household Audio Frank Higgenbothem
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