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2018 Sunday Sermons
Sermon Title
January 07 Andy Robison a.m. Matt 16:13-16 Who is the Christ?
January 07 Andy Robison p.m. Matt 16: 17-20` On this Rock
January 14 Andy Robison a.m. Matt 16:21-23 Rebuked for Understanding
January 14 Andy Robison p.m. Matt 17:1-4 Hear Him!
January 21 Andy Robison a.m. Matt 17:20-21 Frustration Over Faith
January 21 Andy Robison p.m. Matt 18:6-7 Offending the Little Ones
January 28 Andy Robison a.m. Matt 18:15-17 Relationship Remedies
January 28 Andy Robison p.m. Matt 19:1-2 Just Any Reason?
Sermon Title
February 04 Andy Robison a.m. Matt 19:16-17 Where is Your Heart?
February 04 Andy Robison p.m. Matt 20:1-2 First Last & Last First
February 11 Andy Robison a.m. Mal 3:6 The Same God
February 11 Andy Robison p.m. Col 3:5-7 Covetousness
February 18 Andy Robison a.m. Gal 3:24-25 A Different Law
February 18 Andy Robison p.m. John 3:3-5 Objections to Baptism
February 25 Andy Robison a.m. Acts 2:41-42 Determining Worship Acts
February 25 Andy Robison p.m. 1Thess 2:19-20 Hope, Joy and Crown
Sermon Title
March 04 Andy Robison a.m. Matt 26:26-28 The Lord's Supper
March 04 Andy Robison p.m. 1 Peter 1:3-4 Heaven and Earth

Gospel Meeting

Ed Melott

March 11-16
March 11 Sunday Bible Study Does the Bible Prove God Exists?
March 11 Sunday Morning Worship God of the Fifth Sparrow
March 11 Sunday Evening Worship Bringing Our Decisions Into Focus
March 12 Monday Evening Worship Atheisms Attack Upon God
March 13 Tuesday Evening Worship The Truth About Lying
March 14 Wednesday Evening Worship Unfinished Prayers
March 15 Thursday Evening Worship The Conversion of Saul
March 16 Friday Evening Worship Around the Cross
Sermon Title
March 18 Andy Robison a.m. Acts 4:21-23 Public Prayer
March 18 Andy Robison p.m. Psalm 73:1-3 Wondering about the Wicked
March 25 Andy Robison a.m. Col 3:16-17 Silence and Singing
March 25 Andy Robison p.m. Ezek 10:4 The Glory of God
Sermon Title
April 01 Andy Robison a.m. 1 Cor 1:18-20 The Foolishness of Preaching
April 01 Andy Robison p.m. Ezekiel 2:6-8 Eating the Little Book
April 08 Andy Robison a.m. 1 Cor 16:1-3 Worship: Giving
April 08 Andy Robison p.m. Heb 13:20-21 The Great Shepherd
April 15 Stephen Harr a.m. Matt 16:16-19 Seeing Christ in the Church
April 15 Stephen Harr p.m. James 1:21-25 Seeing Christ in Me
April 22 Andy Robison a.m. Deut 15:15-16 The Real Prophet
April 22 Andy Robison p.m. Deut 18:20-22 The False Prophet
April 29 Andy Robison a.m. Num 23:19 God Will Not Relent
April 29 Andy Robison p.m. 1 Cor 10:6-8 Subtelty and Idolatry
Sermon Title
May 06 Stephen Harr a.m. Jude 17-20 Building Yourself Up On Your Most Holy Faith
May 06 Stephen Harr p.m. Psalms 86:8 There Is No One Like You
May 13 Andy Robison a.m. James 2:14 Can Faith Save Him?
May 13 Andy Robison p.m. 1 Peter 4:7-11 When Times Get Tough
May 20 Andy Robison a.m. Romans 4:1-4 Justification By Faith?
May 20 Andy Robison p.m. Romans 4:17-19 Scarcely Saved?
May 27 Andy Robison a.m. Phil 1:9-11 Fruits of Righteousness
May 27 Andy Robison p.m. Phil 1:12-18 Futherance of the Gospel
Sermon Title
June 03 Andy Robison a.m. Phil 1:19-21 By Life or By Death
June 03 Andy Robison p.m. Phil 1:27-30 Worthy Conduct

VBS June 4-8

Theme: Noah's Ark Adventure

June 04 Stephen Harr Noah Obeys God
June 05 David Deagel God Sends a Flood
June 06 Aaron Burch God Saves Noah
June 07 Dan Kessinger Noah Thanks God
June 08 Terry Jones The Animals on the Ark
Sermon Title
June 10 Andy Robison a.m. Phil 2:5-8 The Mind of Christ
June 10 Andy Robiosn p.m. Phil 2:12-13 Work Out Your Own Salvation
June 17 Andy Robison a.m. Phil 2:19-21 Devoted Servants
June 17 Andy Robison p.m. Phil 3:7-8 Counted Loss for Christ
June 24 Andy Robison a.m. Phil 3:12-14 I Press On
June 24 Andy Robison p.m. Phil 3:20-21 Citizenship in Heaven
Sermon Title
July 01 Andy Robison a.m. Phil 4:4-7 Peace that Passes Understanding
July 01 Andy Robison p.m. Phil 4:10-13 Contentment in Christ
July 08 Andy Robison a.m. Acts 20:28 Overview of the Church
July 08 Andy Robison p.m. Mark 1:23-25 Jesus' Power Over Unclean Spirits
July 15 Andy Robison a.m. 2 Tim 1:1-2 Promise of Life in Christ Jesus
July 15 Andy Robison p.m. Heb 4:14-16 Jesus' Power over Temptation
July 22 Andy Robison a.m. James 5:11 Patient Job
July 22 Andy Robison p.m. Esther 4:14 Selfless Esther
July 29 Stephen Harr a.m. Jer 6:16 The Restoration Principle
July 29 Stephen Harr p.m. 1Thess 2:13 The Caring Christian
Sermon Title
August 05 Andy Robison a.m. John 3:5 The New Birth
August 05 Andy Robison p.m. John 3:16-17 Not to Condemn the World
August 12 Andy Robison a.m. John 3:22-23 John's Baptism and Jesus'
August 12 Andy Robison p.m. John 3:34 The Spirit by Measure
August 19 Andy Robison a.m. John 4:13-14 Living Water
August 19 Andy Robison p.m. John 4:37-38 He Who Sows and He Who Repents
August 26 Andy Robison a.m. Prov. 27:1 Do Not Boast About Tomorrow
August 26 Andy Robison p.m. John 10:10 Abundant Life
Sermon Title
September 02 Andy Robison a.m. Heb. 3:1-2 A Son Over His House
September 02 Andy Robison p.m. John 10:22-24 Tell Us Plainly
September 09 Andy Robison a.m. Heb 3:7-11 Today, If You Will Hear His Voice
September 09 Andy Robison p.m. John 10:34-36 The Scripture Cannot Be Broken
September 16 Gary Workman Bible Study Bible Study
September 16 Gary Workman a.m. Sermon
September 16 Stephen Harr p.m. Luke 9:18-26 Questions
September 23 Andy Robison a.m. John 11:24-25 The Resurrection and the Life
September 23 Andy Robison p.m. Heb 4:1-2 Let Us Enter That Rest
September 30 Andy Robison a.m. John 11:49-50 One Man Should Die for the People
September 30 Andy Robiosn p.m. Heb 4:11-13 The Living Word of God
Sermon Title
October 07 Stephen Harr a.m. Col 3:12-14 Putting On Christ
October 07 Stephen Harr p.m. 2 Cor 4:1-6 Light of the Gospel
October 14 Andy Robison a.m. Heb 4:14-16 Our Great High Priest
October 14 Andy Robison p.m. John 12:1-3 Mary, Judas, and Lazarus

WVSOP Victory Lectures

October 21-25

THEME: Paul's Epistle to the ROMANS

The Depth and the Riches of God's Saving Grace (Ch. 1-11) CLICK HERE

October 28 Andy Robison a.m. Heb 5:12-14 You Out To Be Teachers
October 28 Andy Robison p.m. I Peter 1:17-21 And If You Call on the Father
Sermon Title
November 04 Stephen Harr a.m. Matt 7:12 The Golden Rule
November 04 Stephen Harr p.m. Jer 1:4-10 The Calling of Jeremiah
November 11 Andy Robison a.m. John 12:12-15 The Triumphant King
November 11 Andy Robison p.m. Heb 6:1-3 Move On!
November 18 Andy Robison a.m. John 12:20-26 We Wish to See Jesus
November 18 Andy Robison p.m. Heb 6:9-12 Better Things Concerning You
November 25 Andy Robison a.m. John 12:27-29 My Soul is Troubled
November 25 Andy Robison p.m. Heb 6:19-20 The Anchor of the Soul
Sermon Title
December 02 Andy Robison a.m. John 12:37-41 "They Could Not Believe"
December 02 Andy Robison p.m. Heb 7:1-4 The Order of Melchizedek
December 09 Andy Robison a.m. John 13:3-5 Wash One Another's Feet
December 09 Andy Robison p.m. Heb 8: 6-7 New & Old Covenants
December 16 Andy Robison a.m. John 13:31-32 Betrayal, Glory, & Love
December 16 Andy Robison p.m. Heb 9:11-12 Once for All

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