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The City of Moundsville

The City of Moundsville |The Restoration Movement | Restoration History of the Ohio Valley | Alexander Campbell and His Work

Grave Creek Indian MoundMoundsville, West Virginia is located in Marshall County which is considered part of what many call the Ohio Valley. It is a small town, located on the Ohio River, consisting of roughly 10,000 residents. While there are many reasons to enjoy living in Moundsville there are three distinct features of this small town that are most enjoyable. First, Moundsville is a town with a unique historical significance; second, it offers a plethora of site-seeing opportunities; third, it provides a good environment to raise a family.

Moundsville has a rich past that gives one a glimpse into the early history of this great country. Flat land is rare in this part of the country, and an earlier race of people cherished this location. The town's first inhabitants are considered to have been the Adena Indians, who were responsible for the creation of what is now called “Grave Creek Mound.” Grave Creek Mound which is the largest conical mound east of the Mississippi River was a burial mound for the Adena Indians. It is sixty-nine feet high, two hundred and eighty feet across and dates from around 250 B. C. In 1770 a pioneer named Joseph Tomlinson built a fort to protect his family and settled on the forest flats. The settlement of the Tomlinson community was originally called Elizabethtown but in 1830 became part of what is now called Moundsville.

WV State PenitentiaryWhile Moundsville attracts many historians because of Grave Creek Mound there are several other sites to see in this small town. Many come to Moundsville to tour the West Virginia State Penitentiary. This retired state penitentiary is Gothic in style and was built not long after the American Civil War. When West Virginia seceded from Virginia they were in need for state institutions and Moundsville was chosen as the perfect location for the state penitentiary because of its close proximity to Wheeling, West Virginia which at the time was the state capital. It served as an active prison from 1876 to 1995.  It has appeared in many books, movies, and television shows. It continues to be an attraction today! The area is also a popular destination for those that love nature. Moundsville is located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and rests alongside the Ohio River which affords the photographer and outdoorsman with many opportunities for enjoyment.

In addition, Moundsville provides a good family environment for parents and children. The schools in Marshall County have modern facilities and equipment by which they provide quality education for the area youth. There are also several places for children of all ages to enjoy recreation such as Grand Vue Park, East End Park, Marshall County Fairgrounds, and the Four Seasons pool. Parents will enjoy themselves shopping in the shopping district of Moundsville, the mall in St. Clairville, OH, and the newly established shopping center known as the “Highlands” located in Wheeling, WV. Most importantly, Christian parents and children will be spiritually fed at the church of Christ at Hillview Terrace and other faithful congregations that adhere strictly to Bible principles.