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Transferable Credits


We firmly believe we provide our students with the knowledge and tools to be successful Gospel preachers immediately after graduation. Still, some of our students wish to continue formal study at a university, and we support them in their decision. Thirty-two credit hours transfer from West Virginia School of Preaching to Freed-Hardeman University. This means, in essence, those that graduate from WVSOP and enroll at FHU begin their undergraduate studies as college sophomores. Those that enroll at WVSOP with an undergraduate degree in a field other than Bible and graduate from WVSOP will have enough Bible credits transferred to FHU (18 credits) to immediately enroll in their Bible graduate program. There is an obvious cost advantage in taking this educational path when the cost at FHU per credit hour is over 400 dollars (32 x 400 = $12,800, 18 x $400 = $7,200). Several of our students have gone to FHU and have been very successful. Here are a few:

Aaron Burch

I enrolled in the West Virginia School of Preaching mainly so that I might grow in my knowledge of the Scriptures and develop my ability to preach. WVSOP provided me an invaluable opportunity to grow in both of these areas. Ample time, attention, and instruction were given to systematic study of the biblical text and to practical and guided development in preaching, teaching, interpretation, apologetics, and other areas. All of these aspects have helped me grow as a Christian, a preacher, and a student of God’s word, and would benefit anyone who desires to deepen his faith, broaden and strengthen his ability, or cultivate his fruitfulness in the kingdom.

After graduating from WVSOP in January 2007, I enrolled in the biblical studies program at Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, TN, where I received the Bachelor of Arts degree in biblical studies in 2009. Currently, I am pursuing the Master of Arts degree in New Testament from the same institution. WVSOP prepared me for further biblical studies by giving me a broad foundation upon which I might continue to build. One of the most advantageous features of preaching schools, in general, is the opportunity to study the entire Bible in an academic setting. In contrast, Bible colleges or universities, due to cost, degree requirements, and other factors, typically only enable the student to study portions of the biblical text academically. Finances are another great advantage to attending WVSOP. Not only is the schooling free (aside from living expenses), but after graduation many other colleges and universities will transfer hours from WVSOP for a bachelor’s degree. For example, when I enrolled in the bachelor’s degree program at Freed-Hardeman University, they accepted 32 hours from WVSOP, which equals a year’s worth of study and well over $12,000 in finances. In addition, WVSOP is great place to make Christian friends with other students and develop relationships with godly men (preachers, teachers, elders, faculty, etc.) who provide excellent examples of the Christian life and the servant-life of a preacher.