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Disciplinary Procedures

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Violations of the Student Rules of Conduct will be addressed according to the following procedure:

  1. When it is determined a student may have violated the Student Rules of Conduct, the Director will meet privately with the student to discuss the situation in detail.
  2. The Director will then inform the Hillview elders either verbally or in writing.
  3. A meeting will be convened to include the student, the Director, any Hillview elders able to attend, and any faculty member aware of alleged violation. The student’s alleged violation of the Student Rules of Conduct, as well as the student’s performance, will be thoroughly discussed.
  4. Following the meeting, the Hillview elders will render a decision with regard to any disciplinary action concerning the student.
  5. Though there may be exceptions as explained below, student discipline will generally include the following steps:
    1. First Violation – verbal counseling
    2. Second Violation – written conduct agreement
    3. Third Violation – expulsion from school

It is understood that violations of the Student Rules of Conduct can and do vary widely in severity and frequency. Additionally, the student’s attitude and prior performance must be considered when determining disciplinary action. Therefore, the Hillview elders reserve the right to vary from the above procedure, at their sole discretion, as circumstances warrant.