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General Rules |Disciplinary Procedures | Dress Code | Library & Documentation Procedures / Attendance

General Rules of Conduct

  1. Students are expected to conduct themselves as Christians at all times during their tenure at the school.
  2. Students may not use tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs. Prescription drugs are permitted only in accordance with physician orders.
  3. There should be no borrowing or lending of money between students.
  4. Significant purchases, such as cars, property, or other large purchases should be approved in writing by (1) the student’s sponsors, (2) the school’s Director, and (3) the Hillview elders prior to the purchase.
  5. Cell phones may not be used during class hours, and should be left outside the classroom.
  6. Laptop computers may be used during class hours, but only for the purpose of taking notes.
  7. School office computers, files, etc. are off limits to all students.
  8. Students are not permitted to work during their tenure at the school.
  9. First year students will not be required to fill Sunday preaching appointments during the first two quarters of the first school year.
  10. No women are permitted to visit the campus without prior approval of the school’s Director or Associate Director.

Violation of the above rules will result in student discipline up to and including expulsion from school. Certain aspects of above rules may be fully or partially waived, but only with written permission from the Hillview elders.

Laptop & Internet Use

  • Computers provided to students by the West Virginia School of Preaching are school property until graduation. Upon graduating, students are free to keep their school-issued computers.
  • Computers are to be used for the purpose of taking notes and conducting research on Bible-related topics. If a student is found to be using his computer & internet access for other purposes, the following consequences may be imposed:
    • First violation: Verbal warning
    • Second violation: Internet access will be blocked for the remainder of the year.
    • Third violation: School-issued computers will be repossessed by the school. Student-owned computers must remain off of school premises.
  • Computers & internet access are not to be used to download pirated material of any sort.

Student's Agreement

All students, by virtue of their attendance at West Virginia School of Preaching, express agreement with these school policies.