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The West Virginia School of Preaching has been blessed with tremendous support over the years. We have had several members of the church of Christ at Hillview Terrace participate in the day to day operations of the school. Without the help of these individuals the school would not have functioned at its optimal level. The same is true today. Our secretary, treasurer, librarians, and cleaning staff are all members of the church at Hillview Terrace and do a fantastic job. Their eagerness to help does not go unnoticed by the elders, directors, or faculty. Equally, our students of the past and present have enjoyed the benefits of having a well–informed, helpful staff.  We are confident that you will have a similar experience if you choose to enroll at the West Virginia School of Preaching.




Scott Judge
Recruiting and Advertising Director



Scott M. Judge, a native of Jacksonburg, West Virginia, has been a minister of the Gospel of Christ since May of 1996.  He started preaching after the death of his grandfather, Jack Hayes, assuming appointed Sundays at the Middle Fork and Naish Springs church of Christ as well as filling in at other congregations throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley during that time.

Scott graduated from West Liberty State College in December of 1993.  He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Social Work.  He worked in the field of mental health for approximately twenty years.  He has done direct care with children and adolescents with mental health issues as well as serving for 10 years as a Community Liason for Fox Run and Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry.

Scott graduated from the West Virginia School of Preaching in June of 2016.  He claims this to be one of the best experiences of his life.  Scott lives in Belmont, West Virginia, with his wife, Ellie, of 21 years and their two sons, Jonas and Joel.  Jonas is a Senior at St. Mary's High School and Joes is a Freshman at St. Mary's High School.  Ellie works ast Dunning Motors in Cambridge, Ohio as a Sales Consultant.