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VarnerW. Terry Varner Bio  |   Listen to him preach

W. Terry Varner married Lillie L. Garrison from Littleton, over 50 years ago. They have 4 children, 11 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren. Terry received formal education from Abilene Christian University, Waynesburg University, West Virginia State University, Moody Bible Institute, National Christian University, Malone College and Alabama Christian School of Religion.

Varner has extensive teaching experience from conducting Bible classes at various congregations for more than 50 years. He has also taught 3 to 5 classes, at a time, at the West Virginia School of Preaching since its beginning. Varner was involved in located work at numerous congregations in the Ohio Valley for over 40 years. He retired from fulltime located work in 1997. Presently he serves as elder and evangelist at West Union, WV and as Research Coordinator for Warren Christian Apologetics Center, Vienna, WV.

Varner has also dedicated himself to proclaiming the Gospel in written form as well. He owned and published Therefore Stand, a monthly eight-page paper for 24 years. In addition to Therefore Stand he has also written and/or published several books which include such titles as: Studies in Biblical Eschatology (An Answer to AD 70 Theory), Elkins-Ross Debate and The History and Use of the Cross, which has seen four reprints.  

Terry views the experience of the faculty as a major reason why one should enroll at the West Virginia School of Preaching. The labors of the faculty total hundreds of years of located preaching experience; therefore, enabling the student to take advantage of their valuable experience and teaching.

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